Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

remember we were selling eye mask a few months ago?
it was a pre order thing..
guess what now we have ready stocks for PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Recommended by the First Ladies Taiwan Show
3 main function of this mask is reduce wrinkles , eyebags & dark circles!

A pair : RM1.50

** buy 19 pieces only for RM28 (including postage)
normal price is RM33 (including postage)

we have limited pieces with us right now.. more stock are coming to us soon.
place your orders with us now!


Personal review.
First of all , I need to try out this eye mask before i can sell it .. well it really works after much usage of it. my eyes became fresher.. not so tired eyes.. eyebags reduced after much usage. It great to use it when we sleep late due to assignments and all.

Customers reviews.
1. cooling & relaxing to my eyes! it reduces my panda eyes ^^ - jamie

2. I like this eye mask because it's not those super gooey eye mask and not in liquid form. I use this eye mask continously and i realize my eyebags and fine line reduces . - samantha yee

3. it realli works! gonna get more from you next time! - jacqueline